shit girls say book

Another obnoxious/funny Twitter account gets a dead tree edition.

The girls have more shit to say.

“Shit Girls Say,” a popular Twitter account and YouTube video series that mocked the absurd things some women say, will soon become a book. Harlequin Publishers acquired the book rights on Wednesday and announced it will be released this fall.

Creators Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard are guys (who knew?) and Canadian. They control the Twitter account and produce the video series, and they’ll also author the book, according to the press release. The book deal is a natural extension for them and could attract new fans who might be unfamiliar with its Web presence.

The meme started in April 2011 as a Twitter account, which now has 1.3 million followers. In December, a video version of the series premiered with Juliette Lewis guest appearing. The first episode garnered 16 million views. They produced two more episodes but the most recent edition only attracted 4 million views, probably because wasn’t as funny as the others.

Other popular Twitter accounts have also signed book deals. White Girl Problems was released in January and ranks in the top 100 in the humor section of The grandaddy of them all, Shit My Dad Says, dropped two years ago and is still selling healthily.

As the girls say, “this has been such a stressful year.”

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