Shit New Yorkers Say

The video meme is getting regional.

Though “Shit ___ Say” videos have been done to death, some YouTubers have already exhumed the meme and infused its zombie spirit with a new spin: regional flavor.

Take the clear flagship of the new subgenre: “Shit New Yorkers Say.” Released yesterday, it’s already been watched more than 125,000 times. In summation: New Yorkers are angry they just missed the subway. They brag about reading periodicals. They respond quite strongly to restaurant reviews. They are not fazed by celebrity spottings.

DC residents, on the other hand, name drop. They know acronyms. They are extremely concerned with local restaurants. Did you know they can’t vote?

Austinites know people in bands. They’re simultaneously both interested in South By Southwest and over it. And they are very, very concerned that it doesn’t rain enough.

Las Vegas is just filled with tourists. So lame. Tourists don’t have much of a sense of direction, you know. Also, they drink and gamble.

Seattleites, finally, can’t handle driving in the snow. I mean, they can! They totally can. They just don’t want to.

So, Cleveland, Salt Lake City, El Paso: What do you have to say for yourselves? Hopefully nothing, because no one wants to watch any more videos about shit people say.

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