“Sex and the City for Dudes”—in 1 minute


It’s only about a minute long. Get it?

Full episodes of the long-running HBO series Sex and the City lasted 30 minutes. Episodes of “Sex and the City for Dudes,” however… well, the first episode took all of a minute and 14 seconds.

Get it?

“It’s that cliche that women look at relationships as something that is meant to be dissected, whereas men are more flippant about their sexuality,” Web series creator Jarret Berenstein told the Daily Dot. “They always have more important things on their mind.

“Obviously that’s not actually true, but it’s funnier.”

Thus, Berenstein’s manly iteration of Sex and the City takes one popular talking point—”What happened with that friendly coed from last night?”—and boils it down to a single barside back and forth. It’s simple, satirical, and speaks directly to city singles.

Berenstein, who makes his living as a comedian in New York City, said that he and editor Thompson Plyler have two more episodes lined up for September and plan to shoot another batch should they see some reception for the first set.

“I’ve had the idea for years, and I’m sort of embarrassed that it took me so long to produce it,” Berenstein said. “With the reboot that’s happening with [CW network’s] The Carrie Diaries, I figured now was a good time to get the whole thing rolling again.”

Photo via YouTube

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