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What’s new on Hulu (April 2021)

Hulu's April new releases include an incredible documentary on WeWork and the return of Extreme Makeover Home Edition.


John-Michael Bond


Published Sep 23, 2020   Updated Apr 6, 2021, 8:12 pm CDT

What’s new on Hulu? Hulu is one of the biggest streaming services on the net, and the selection is ever changing and always growing. The selection of best new Hulu originals, best new movies on Hulu, and best new shows on Hulu can be pretty daunting. Luckily we’ve created a handy monthly guide that will always be updated with fresh info so you never miss a thing.

  • The Best New Movies on Hulu: Blair Witch (2016), That Thing You Do! (1996)
  • Best New Shows on Hulu: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Season 1

Best new Hulu Originals: April 2021

The following are the best new Hulu originals coming to the platform this month.


Debuts April 2

For a brief moment WeWork looked like it might be the future of the office. Like a gym membership, but providing a professional work space for freelancers and traveling staff. They raised billions, but in a puff it all collapse.

This feature documentary explores WeWork’s rise and fall through the eyes of employees and journalists. A hilarious, yet cautionary tale of greed and hubris caught in a perfect storm of wild investment spending. Sit back in horror and enjoy.

wework art


Best new movies on Hulu: April 2021

The following are the best new movies on Hulu this month.

Blair Witch (2016)

Available April 3

Before director Adam Wingard got his big break with Godzilla vs King Kong he made this tiny, yet horrifying, sequel to the Blair Witch Project. Following the disappearance of his sister, a college student takes his friends on a trip to the woods to find her. Instead, something finds them.

Mixing found footage with traditional photography, this Blair Witch re-imagining ramps up the tense considerably. If you thought the original didn’t show enough this will make you scream. But even old-school fans will find delightful thrills in these woods.

That Thing You Do (1996)

Available April 1

Tom Hanks has only directed two movies, but one of them, That Thing You Do! is undeniably perfect. This 1996 tale of a band who quickly explodes from high school dances to the top of the pop charts has it all. In a time of great stress, let this feel good film sooth you.

It has incredible music from Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne) and an all-star cast including Tom Hanks, Liv Tyler, Jonathon Schaech, Tom Everett Scott, and Steve Zahn. But mostly, it’s one of the sharpest, sweetest, and smartest comedies of the 90s.

We apologize in advance for how long it will take to get the theme song out of your head.

Best new shows on Hulu: April 2021

The following are the best new shows on Hulu.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Season 1

Debuts April 1

Hulu is finally bringing the first season of HGTV’s incredible Extreme Makeover: Home Edition reboot to subscribers. In a world of sometimes oppressive darkness, EMHE is a rare bright spot on TV. Each episode shows a family in need receiving life-changing home renovations.

From firefighters who save communities to foster parents raising a house full of kids with too little space, witness people in need get a solid break. Part home renovation, part heartwarming story, EMHE is a wildly entertaining reminder of the good in the world.

Best recent releases on Hulu: Editors’ picks

Palm Springs

In some ways, Palm Springs is a very familiar story. But once we become used with the concept itself, Palm Springs becomes much more than yet another Groundhog Day. With keen writing and humor pushing the boundaries of the genre, the uniquely hellish location for its infinite time loop, and the utter charm of its two leads, Palm Springs is fresh, earnest, and delightfully clever. —Michelle Jaworski


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April 2021: Best new movies on Hulu and Best New shows on Hulu

Available April 1 

Available April 1

  • 2012 (2009)
  • 28 Days Later (2003)
  • A Hologram for the King (2016)
  • A Low Down Dirty Shame (1994)
  • A Simple Plan (1998)
  • The Abyss (1989)
  • Before We Go (2015)
  • Bug (2007)
  • Bulworth (1998)
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)
  • Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1974)
  • Changing Lanes (2002)
  • Chappaquiddick (2017)
  • Chato’s Land (1972)
  • Cheech & Chong’s Still Smokin’ (1983)
  • Cohen and Tate (1989)
  • The Color Purple (1985)
  • The Dead Zone (1983)
  • The Devil’s Double (2011)
  • Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)
  • Die Hard (1988)
  • Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995)
  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)
  • Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000)
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)
  • Frankie & Alice (2014)
  • Friends With Benefits (2011)
  • Garden State (2004)
  • The Gift (2000)
  • Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)
  • Guess Who (2005)
  • Hancock (2008)
  • The Hunting Party (1971)
  • In The Mix (2005)
  • Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport (2000)
  • Lady in a Cage (1964)
  • Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector (2006)
  • Life Of Crime (2014)
  • Live Free Or Die Hard (2007)
  • Mad Max (1980)
  • Madea Goes To Jail (Theatrical Feature) (2009)
  • The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959)
  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)
  • Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2004)
  • Monster’s Ball (2001)
  • Motel Hell (1980)
  • Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
  • Never Back Down (2008)
  • New in Town (2009)
  • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)
  • The Out-Of-Towners (1999)
  • The Pawnbroker (1964)
  • Platoon (1986)
  • The Polar Express (2004)
  • The Preacher’s Wife (1996)
  • The Program (1993)
  • Ramona and Beezus (2009)
  • The Replacement Killers (1998)
  • Rio (2011)
  • The Sandlot (1993)
  • Scary Movie 4 (2006)
  • Sex And The City (2008)
  • Sex And The City 2 (2010)
  • Shaft (2000)
  • Shrek 2 (2002)
  • The Skull (1965)
  • Sleeping With The Enemy (1991)
  • Sliver (1993)
  • So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)
  • Star Trek: Generations (1994)
  • Step Up Revolution (2012)
  • The Sum of All Fears (2002)
  • That Thing You Do! (1996)
  • The Upside (2017)
  • Vanilla Sky (2001)
  • Virtuosity (1995)
  • Waiting to Exhale (1995)
  • War (2007)
  • Warriors of Virtue (1997)
  • What About Bob? (1991)
  • Where the Heart Is (2000)
  • Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)
  • Amy Schumer Learns to Cook: Complete Season 1 (Food Network)
  • Caribbean Life: Complete Seasons 18 & 19 (HGTV)
  • Chopped: Complete Season 44 (Food Network)
  • Chopped Sweets: Complete Season 1 (Food Network)
  • Christina On The Coast: Complete Season 2 (HGTV)
  • Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives: Complete Seasons 34 & 35 (Food Network)
  • Doubling Down with the Derricos: Complete Season 1 (TLC)
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Complete Season 1 (HGTV)
  • Guy’s Grocery Games: Complete Season 22 (Food Network)
  • Naked and Afraid XL: Complete Season 6 (Discovery)
  • Say Yes to the Dress: Complete Season 19 (TLC)
  • Tournament of Champions: Complete Season 1 (Food Network)
  • Undercover Billionaire: Complete Season 1 (Discovery)
  • UniKitty: Complete Season 3 (Cartoon Network)
  • Vegas Chef Prizefight: Complete Season 1 (Food Network)
  • Worst Cooks in America: Complete Season 18 (Food Network)

April 2

  • WEWORK: OR THE MAKING AND BREAKING OF A $47 BILLION UNICORN : Documentary Premiere (Hulu Original)
  • Law & Order: Organized Crime: Series Premiere (NBC)
  • Manifest: Season 3 Premiere (NBC)
  • The Moody’s: Season 2 Finale (Fox)
  • Real Housewives of New York City: Complete Season 12 (Bravo)

April 3

  • Hysterical: Series Premiere (FX)
  • Blair Witch (2016)

April 5 

  • Girl (2020)

April 7 

  • Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World: Season 1, Episodes 1-12 (DUBBED) (Funimation)

April 8  

  • Home Economics: Series Premiere (ABC)

April 9 

  • Everything’s Gonna Be Okay: Season 2 Premiere (Freeform)
  • Rebel: Series Premiere (ABC)
  • The Standard (2020)
  • Stars Fell on Alabama (2021)

April 10 

  • The Day I Became a God: Season 1, Epsiodes 1-12 (DUBBED) (Funimation)
  • Desierto (2015)
  • Knuckledust (2020)

April 12 

  • Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)
  • Spontaneous (2020)

April 15 

  • Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Complete Season 10 (Bravo)

April 16 

  • Fly Like a Girl (2020)
  • Songbird (2020)

April 17

  • Modern Persuasion (2020)
  • Themla (2017) 

April 20 

  • Sasquatch (Hulu Original)

April 21

  • Cruel Summer (Freeform)

April 22

  • Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World (PBS)

April 23

  • The Place of No Words (2020)

April 25

  • Wild Mountain Thyme (2021)

April 26

  • The Oscars Red Carpet Show: Special (ABC)
  • The 93rd Oscars: Special (ABC)

April 28

  • Handmaid’s Tale: Season 4 (Hulu Original)
  • Arrival (2016)

April 30

  • The Judge (2014)

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