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Bill Lawrence turned to Twitter to find to find a young actor for his new Fox pilot Like Father. There’s still time to submit your audition tape. 

Aspiring actors, you might have just gotten your big break by sitting on your couch.

Bill Lawrence (@VDOOZER), who created such acclaimed television series as Scrubs and Spin City, tweeted Sunday that he is looking for 19 to 21 year old actors for his upcoming comedy. He’s calling it “Twitter casting” and promised it’s the real deal.

“So, open casting call for tv pilot. Looking for @colinferg’s 20 yr old son. 19-21 yr old actors, post video on you tube of you doing …,” he wrote.  

“Any people w. Potential will be contacted by casting to audition. Experiment to find actor kids outside of LA and NYC. Feel free to RT,” another tweet said.

To be considered for an in-person audition, actors must post a one-minute video on YouTube of them acting and email the link. “Our team will watch,” tweeted Lawrence with the appropriate address.

The Daily Dot tweeted at Lawrence to ask why he is casting via Twitter. He responded, “just thought I’d try it.”

He also tweeted that he has seen a lot of kids for the role, but only from New York and Los Angeles. Casting via Twitter could net him more options from less popular acting locales.

Lawrence is looking for a young actor to star in Like Father, a comedy pilot ordered by Fox. It’s inspired by Lawrence’s relationship with his father and stars Colin Ferguson, most recently of SyFy’s Eureka.

If these tweets are any indication, the response has been overwhelming.

Even women are responding to audition for the male role, forcing Lawrence to tweet “Obviously don’t bother if you couldn’t be @colinferg’s 20 yr old son, no matter how talented you are…So ‘no’ to 27yr old gal.”

Sorry ladies, but maybe the Cougar Town cocreator will soon be looking for an actress to play Courtney Cox’s long-lost, wine-addicted daughter. So keep checking his Twitter.

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