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“He was a mod of a state once.”

If movie producers haven’t selected a title for the next installment of the Terminator series, they should consider “T5: The Moderator.”

Early Thursday afternoon former governor of California, actor, and Reddit personal trainer Arnold Schwarzenegger hopped into a thread on the r/fitness forum—a place he’s frequented since his popular AMA in January—to fire back against haters bashing a post promoting a cardio routine featured on

Over the past seven months, Schwarzenegger has become a regular fixture around Reddit. Using his official account, u/GovSchwarzenegger, the 65-year-old has weighed in on dieting and how to motivate yourself to work out. He’s also confirmed a story in r/TIL (“today I learned”) of going to dinner with Andre the Giant in 1983. When Schwarzenegger tried to pay for his meal, Andre picked up the former Mr. Universe and placed him back in his seat.

“It is missing Wilt Chamberlain’s involvement, which was never paying and then acting like he had planned to pay this time, and helping Andre carry me all the way outside to drop me on a car,” Schwarzenegger commented two months ago.

The thread featuring Schwarzenegger’s latest comment has collected more than 1,500 responses and has been featured on Reddit’s r/BestOf. Schwarzenegger’s response was so positively received, it even garnered a pseudo-serious job offer from Reddit CEO Yishan Wong.

Photo by starcadet/Flickr

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