Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger crush a car with a tank


Twitter and Instagram users captured the ex-Governator’s tank rampage during a promo event for his next movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger still knows how to wow a crowd.

While apparently doing press for his new movie The Last Stand Friday, the 65-year-old action star drove film critics around in a real-live tank.

The former Governator, a tank driver in his Austrian army days, still evidently knows how to navigate the metal behemoth, as he was able to terminate a car.

Photo by @JimmytotheO/Twitter

Photo by @mrbeaks/Twitter

Photo via @baddevin/Instagram

The aftermath:

Photo via @baddevin/Instagram

Here’s the view from inside the tank as Arnie drove it.


Photo via @karawarner/Twitter


Photo via @mrbeaks/Twitter

And here’s how he looked while piloting it.

Photo via @baddevin/Instagram

Two words: Bad. Ass.

Photo by @germainlussier/Instagram

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