This popular blog mashes up Kanye West and Saved by the Bell. Naturally.

We already knew Kanye West’s tweets make the best New Yorker cartoon captions. It turns out the rapper’s lyrics also make great captions—but for screenshots from ‘90s teen sitcom, Saved by the Bell.

Launched in late August, a Tumblr blog called Kanye’d by the Bell has recently been picking up steam. Its posts, which mashup Kanye (and sometimes Jay-Z) lyrics with Saved by the Bell screenshots,  have at times had up to 1,000 reblogs.

Though there are 20 years in between them, you can’t miss the love connection between the Kanye discography and Saved by the Bell canon. Where else could Kanye have gotten the idea for those plastic neon shades?

Some of the mashups are made for each other. Culinary lyrics from Jay-Z’s Watch the Throne (“Street smart and I’m book smart. Could’ve been a chemist ‘cause I cook smart,”) accompany a photo of Slater and Screech donning aprons and and a chef’s hat.

Others have been set up for shock value, combining memorable scenes with the most profane lyrics possible. “Have you ever had sex with a pharoah?” begins one naughty lyric set to a photo of Zack Morris in an exotic costume. This particular mashup has nearly 2,000 shares.

Although the Daily Dot could not get in touch with the blog’s creator, his or her mission is clear: to unite two lost pop-culture soulmates and crack us up in the process.

It’s working.

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