Obama tells Samantha Bee the scariest story of all: President Donald Trump

President Obama

Screengrab via Full Frontal with Samantha Bee / YouTube

He also has an idea of what attacks Hillary Clinton may face in the White House.

President Obama stopped by Full Frontal for his latest exit interview with Samantha Bee, in which they traded barbs, critiqued each other’s “costumes,” and shared some scary stories in the spirit of Halloween.

Obama’s aim was to encourage young people to vote in the election because they’ve made a huge difference before—after all, they got him elected twice—and made his case to Bee, who was back in full Daily Show correspondent mode. She made it difficult for him, playing the uninterested millennial, as he plugged some of Hillary Clinton’s policy plans.

Obama also gave us a preview of what version of the birther question Clinton will probably be pummeled with as the first female president. It’s as sexist and equally infuriating as you’d imagine, so strap in everyone, it’s gonna be a long four years.

And in the spirit of Halloween, Obama leaves Bee with a spooky story about what happens when young people don’t vote: “Donald Trump will be president.”

“That was very scary,” Bee said.

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