YouTube maestro Ronald Jenkees finally returns with funky new jam


“This video is coming from a place of jam, and that place, I don’t have a map for it,” Jenkees says in his first new video in four years. 

It’s been more than four years since YouTube musical maestro Ronald Jenkees last graced us with his compositional presence, but it appears as though the ruler’s back. Jenkees updated his popular personal YouTube channel Tuesday morning with a brand new jam, a smooth-sailing electro hip-hop beat called “Red Lemonade Remixed.”

“Hello YouTubes,” Jenkees tells his audience at the beginning of the clip, his first since Oct. 2008. “Coming at you with a new video.

“This video is coming from a place of jam, and that place, I don’t have a map for it. So sometimes when I turn on a camera, we don’t go there. But I’m going to try to go there today.”

Jenkees, who’s quite the character but stresses on his website’s biography that he is “not a savant or anything remotely related,” has accumulated more than 254,000 YouTube subscribers since he first started making videos in 2006. He’s also recorded two albums during that time—a self-titled disc in 2007 and 2009’s Disorganized Fun—and recorded the theme song to Grantland Editor-in-Chief Bill Simmons’  popular B.S. Report podcast.

Which is all to say that Jenkees hasn’t been AWOL so much as he’s been hanging out in other crowds.

“While I’ve been bad about doing The YouTubes, I’ve been putting my works-in-progress out on soundcloud if you ever want to see what’s keeping me busy,” he wrote.

That said, we at the Daily Dot can only hope that  “Red Lemonade Remixed” marks a return to “The YouTubes” for good.

Photo via Ronald Jenkees/YouTube

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