A spoof Rafalca Romney account tweeted about getting #RafalcedUp after yesterday’s 13th-place finish.

Mitt Romney better hope he does better in November than his wife’s horse, Rafalca, who came in 13th in Olympic dressage on Thursday. Even with the screwed-up Electoral College, you can’t win the White House in 13th place.

But Rafalca Romney, the 15-year-old mare, did have one solid victory this week, and it was on Twitter. The Twitter user @RafalcaRomney appears to be the equestrian version of the spoof Bo Obama accounts and was tweeting up a storm on Thursday night following the horse’s Olympic performance. According to the person behind the account, the horse was on a mission in the Olympic Village—a mission to party.

“Man, am I glad that’s over! Time for me to head down to Olympic Village and get completely #RafalcedUp,” the horse tweeted.

I’m not sure how much a horse has to drink to get drunk, but apparently Rafalca found out as the tweets got more absurd as the evening went on.

“Some #TeamUSA pals just dared me to get up on the bar and repeat my Olympics routine. You know what? Step back, I’m doing it. #London2012,” the account tweeted, before continuing “Remember that time I danced on top of the bar? I don’t, but apparently I took out three shelves of liquor with a pirouette and so we left.”

By the end of the evening the horse was “completely #RafalcedUp,” a hashtag that was gaining some popularity. Without a doubt, it was the first recorded instance in the Romney family of someone drinking so much they got “Rafalced Up.”

And before anyone starts thinking that maybe the Romney campaign had mustered up an incredible sense of humor, you just have to read the account’s description to know it’s not official (just in case drunk horse jokes didn’t tell you that already).

“Mitt Romney’s dressage horse, 2012 Olympian, into liberal politics. I dance for Mitt Romney so you don’t have to,” it reads.

Image via FotoCommunity

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