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Postmodern Jukebox’s Tambourine Guy spreads some joy this Christmas

Merry Christmas, Mr. Tambourine Guy.


Monica Riese


Any day is a good day for a Postmodern Jukebox music video, but Scott Bradlee and co. have a special Christmas gift in store this year: “Joy to the World,” featuring the most rousing tambourine performance you’ll likely ever see.

The entire sextet performs an energetic version of the old holiday tune, but no one’s having as good a time as Tambourine Guy, a.k.a. Sprout host Tim Kubart. Watch carefully starting at the 2:30 mark to see how he intends to spread some Christmas cheer.

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(Full disclosure: Tim is a friend of a friend, but with enthusiasm and charisma like that, isn’t he really just a friend to all?)

Screengrab via ScottBradleeLovesYa/YouTube

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