Watch the viral stars of ROFLcon in super slo-mo

You've never seen Tron Guy or Leeroy Jenkins like this before. 


Kevin Morris


Published May 7, 2012   Updated Jun 2, 2021, 5:33 pm CDT

Who doesn’t want to see the millisecond-by-millisecond trajectory of viral star Tron Guy Jay Maynard’s belly as he twirls a hula hoop?

This past weekend at ROFLcon, Internet video makers PopSpot Video plucked away the assembled Internet celebrities to a small room on Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s campus. There, facing lights and a platoon of attendants, the stars posed, made faces, jumped around, and battled each other with toy weapons as a camera filmed them at 1,000 frames per second. (When I checked out the room, Chuck Testa was smacking double rainbow guy Paul Vasquez in the face with a toy mace.)

PopStart’s founder is Woody Thompson. He’s also the creator of  VH1’s Pop-Up videos and this new venture, unsurprisingly, gives the same treatment to viral videos. As a ROFLcon sponsor this year, PopStart is recording each of the conferences 35 panels, ensuring that all the Internet gathered this weekend at MIT will perpetuate on YouTube for posterity.

JAY Maynard, Tron Guy

Leeroy Jenkins

Viral all-stars

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*First Published: May 7, 2012, 7:00 am CDT