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Tutorial videos go viral with YouTube’s older demographic
As YouTube continues to expand, so does the site's audience as a growing number of adults over tune in to tutorial videos. 
Your mother was an animated GIF and other YouTube wisdom
The YouTube Insult Generator looks deep into the YouTube comment abyss and—sometimes—gets it right.
More novellas—reddit style
Another redditor writes a novella. Is it a trend?
Why Twitter won’t leave a 14-year-old girl alone
Old rules protecting the identities of minors and sex-crime victims are next to impossible to enforce online. vs. the aging Asian actress
In a lawsuit, an actress claims the retailer's IMDB subsidiary hurt her career by revealing her age.
Like Miles Jai’s status—please!
If you love a good rant, go watch Miles Jai, self-described drag queen, asking you to like his status.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles nose celebrities
Want to know how your favorite celebrity looks like with a turtle for their nose? Wonder no longer!
Will your favorite show get the axe?
Tweets about TV shows may provide better clues than sheer numbers for which series will last.
Anime fans protest accurate depiction on “Saturday Night Live”
A subculture lands in the limelight, and community members are outraged—at themselves.
YouTube changes make musicians smile
Changes to YouTube may leave indie music fans happy, for once. 
Hollywood banishes screenwriter from forum that made him famous
Movie executives discovered a screenwriter on Reddit, gave him a movie deal—and then asked him to kindly refrain from visiting the very place where his idea was born.    
YouTube’s surprising take on McDonald’s beatdown
While TV anchors wrung their hands, videobloggers laid down some honest reactions to a video showing a McDonald's employee beating two women.
Twitter says “get well soon” to Giuliana Rancic
Talk of a cable-TV personality's illness sweeps the world.
Chad Ochocino returns
Chad Ochocinco returned to Twitter last week, but don’t blame poor play, New England Patriot’s coach Bill Belichick or a beef with a retired Patriots player for his absence.
Hackers get to Sesame Street
Sesame Street’s YouTube page became a very family-unfriendly place Sunday when hackers posted porn to the channel.
Because of Chris Brown
Chris Brown, the rapper with a past of assaulting his girlfriend, trends hard on Twitter. 
Heart2Heart isn’t winning many hearts
Lance Bass's boy-band project sings about Facebook and posts on YouTube. But Heart2Heart isn't winning many hearts.
Samuel L. Jackson tweets just what you want
Actor Samuel L. Jackson—loved for foul-mouthed characters in movies like Snakes On A Plane and Pulp Fiction—has finally joined Twitter. His first tweet? Just guess.