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StarCraft player stuns Reddit
A top video-game player pops up on the social news site, and fans go wild.
YouTube your way to that Kardashian look
Like how Kim Kardashian looked for her wedding? YouTubers are eager to show you how.
Kind reactions for Disappointing Gay Best Friend
Two drunken nights with friends turn into a widely loved series of videos, and a passion project for a pair of comic writers from New York.
Teens, old folks get Fine treatment on YouTube
Like "Kids React" on YouTube? Wait for "Teens React" and "Elderly React."
If Aaliyah were still alive, what would she tweet?
The 10th anniversary of the singer's death prompts tragicomic reactions on Twitter.
Video games sometimes save lives
One gamer is out to show the world video games can be good for your health.
Reaching millions from your living room
Some of YouTube's brightest upcoming stars continue to enjoy an ever-expanding audience. 
I dream in retro
A night of dreaming about classing video games leads to amazing video.
Owls drinking too much
This Tumblr features owls that look hungover.
Whimsical Windoodles
This Tumblr makes art from doodles.
People wish Pat Summit well
Baskeball coach Pat Summit announced she has Alzheimer's Disease. She gets support from fans on Twitter.
Artist powers up childhood video-game memories
When Kent Sheely took a digital icon into the real world, he brought back sweet memories.
Ban on r/jailbait goes international
Interest in Reddit's recent ban on r/jailbait has spread internationally. Kinda.
Theophilus London’s special engagement
Rapper lets fans dictate part of his setlist, decide what he wears on stage.
Kittywood Studios plays on cat obsessions
Kittywood Studios shows you where cat videos really come from. 
Theater troupe makes musicals with fans anywhere in the world
The Online Musical turned to fans to create musicals and didn't let the fact that troupe members were scattered across the country stop them.
A music video that will make you shiver
The shocking end to "Gimme All Your Lovin'" on YouTube has people talking—and listening.
Sweet treats from a different angle
Scandybars features pictures that will make your mouth water.