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The ‘Orange Is the New Black’ cast totally shanked ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’

Red steals the show.


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Nobody celebrates the holidays quite like the “Orange Is The New Black” cast. For 2014 the ladies of Litchfield recreated the “12 Days of Christmas” and it is an instant holiday classic. 

Piper starts the whole thing off joyfully singing, “On my first day at Litchfield my bunk mate gave to me …,” followed by Black Cindy, Big Boo, Pennsatucky, Crazy Eyes, Nicky, Morello, Taystee, Gloria, and of course Alex singing about a bunch of Pipers piping. Red steals the show with her less than enthusiastic ending, where she sings about … a chicken in the yard, of course.

It seems like just yesterday the Netflix darlings were preparing the Christmas pageant which ended Season 1. Fans will remember this is when Piper has a hard time enjoying the holiday season since Pennsatucky basically has it out for her life. 

The episode is full of great moments like the pageant auditions, where Black Cindy beatboxes, Gina moonwalks and Crazy Eyes’ insane dance moves take center stage. Madness is created as Pennsatucky steps into her dream role of an angel and Piper reaches her breaking point. 

Of course it wouldn’t be the holidays without a little crazy. Check out the OITNB edition of the “12 Days of Christmas” above. 

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