7 big reveals from Obama’s YouTube interview

He's not as well versed in 'Star Wars' as we might hope.


Rae Votta


Published Jan 15, 2016   Updated Feb 29, 2020, 1:06 pm CST

President Obama has not seen BB-8 on the big screen.

That is just one of the facts revealed about Obama during a post-State of the Union interview with prominent YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen, Adanda Thorne, and Destin Sandlin on Friday.

While the YouTubers discussed more pressing issues like terrorism, science, technology, and social issues with the president, they also took the time to quiz him on lighter topics as well, as dictated by a #YouTubeAsksObama hashtag and their own personal interests. Thanks to that, we learned some fascinating tidbits:

1) Obama has not seen the The Force Awakens

Vlogger Thorne, better known as sWooZie, got to the fun topics quickly, with a series of Star Wars-related questions. Before asking his favorite film, he got the president to admit he hasn’t seen the highest-grossing film U.S. film history.

2) He thinks Episode IV is Episode I

When asked on his favorite, he said, “the first one,” eliciting a gasp from fans everywhere. As he elaborated on seeing it at age 14, everyone could breathe again realizing that Obama just doesn’t realize the actual order of Star Wars films.

3) He’d be Han Solo, naturally

That’s pretty much a no-brainer, and clearly makes Michelle our Princess Leia.

4) The dog should wear pants only on two legs

The Internet was rocked with a debate on how dogs should wear pants recently, and Obama without hesitation put himself in the pants-on-two-legs camp, despite some sass from the political press.


5) He’s Team Kendrick over Team Drake

When asked who would win in a feud between musicians Drake and Kendrick Lamar, Obama also had no hesitation in picking Lamar, citing his album as his favorite of the last year. It’s also a true showing of patriotism, since Drake is a Canadian.

6) ‘Obamium’ would be a stable element

While Sandlin tackled the space program in depth, prodding Obama to discuss deep space exploration. His fun question was still a science-based one, asking Obama to describe a fictional periodic element named after him, Obamium. The president said it would be stable, a catalyst that doesn’t get too hot or too cold, and one that’s useful to humanity.

7) His pockets are really full

Beauty vlogger Ingrid Nilsen asked the president to bring along something from his home that means something to him, and he decided to show off everything he’s carrying around in his pockets. He’s got rosary beads from Pope Francis, a little Buddha given by a monk, a lucky poker chip given to him by a biker, a Hindu statue, and a Coptic cross. Honestly, he might need a tote bag at this point.

The entire interview is available on the White House’s YouTube page.

Screengrab via White House/YouTube

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*First Published: Jan 15, 2016, 6:04 pm CST