Now I’m worried my grandmother will think Twitter’s a good idea

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This geriatric comedian has 99 problems but Twitter ain’t one. 

Does your grandmother use Twitter? Do you wish she did?

If your grandmother did tweet, it’s likely that she’d produce a timeline that bears a striking resemblance to @nowimworried. The anonymous account details trivial or mundane worries that beset what’s intended to be a very kind, obviously very frail, elderly woman.

Only 16 tweets in, the account has already racked up more than 1,900 followers.

Much of the reason for that impressive ascent can be attributed to the fact that whoever is managing this feed is downright hilarious, and the Twitter community has responded accordingly.

“Now I’m worried that when my dog licks my foot it means he’s found cancer,” posted the account on Jan. 1, a message that received over 55 retweets.

Three of the 55 retweets came from individuals that social media search engine Topsy deems “influential people”@Brookehatfield@Humidhaney, and WTF Podcast host Marc Maron, a comedy writer with 94,293 Twitter followers who lives in Los Angeles—the city wherein @nowimworried admits to dwelling—and is funny enough to host the account. Maron did not return a request to comment.

No matter who’s behind the account, the individual has found a winning template.

Comedian Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) agrees, and he’s played a part in the handle’s steady rise through the follower ranks. He was one of 42 people to retweet @nowimworried’s Jan. 13 post, which reads “Now I’m worried that UPS will want their package back because my hand was shaky when I signed for it,” sending it out to his 1,700,800 followers.

Wendy Liebman, another LA-based comedian, included the account in a Follow Friday post last week.

Obviously not all 1,900 followers are comedians, however, but reception from mere comedy mortals has been just as positive as that from Black, Liebman, and Maron.

“This is pretty much my brain in action = @NowImWorried,” posted @millie on Jan. 19.

User Jennifer Mendelsohn (@CleverTitleTK) agreed, calling @nowimworried her “new favorite feed.”

More than the warm reception, one particular sentiment echoes throughout Twitter these days. It’s best captured by men’s lifestyle magazine Made Man: “Now we’re worried we’re gonna spend the rest of the day reading @NowImWorried.”

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