Noah Cyrus' promotional stunt advertising a $12,000 bottle of tears turned into a GoFundMe scam.


Noah Cyrus’ joke about selling her tears turns into GoFundMe scam

This is a mess.


Kris Seavers


What began as a silly promotion stunt for Noah Cyrus’ new album went awry this week when people forked over real money for a bottle supposedly full of her tears.

TMZ reports that Cyrus—the 18-year-old singer and younger sister to Miley—and her team came up with the idea to jokingly advertise a bottle of her tears, playing off her well-documented heartbreak after splitting from rapper Lil Xan and the name of her new album, Good Cry. A Pizzaslime ad listed the bottles for $12,000 each with this description: “This is approximately 12 tears made by Noah Cyrus as a result of sadness.”

As it turns out, people were more than willing to pay real money for a bottle of Cyrus’ salty eye liquid. According to TMZ, Cyrus’ team is now having to clarify that even if you submit an order on, your money will be refunded and no real bottle of tears will be delivered.

“They NEVER thought anyone would actually click on such an absurd gag offer,” TMZ reports. It’s unclear how many people fell for the joke.

Meanwhile, someone going by Sad Cyren created a GoFundMe page, supposedly to try and drum up money to buy the bottle of tears. Per TMZ, here was part of the description: “I LOVE NOAH CYRUS SO MUCH I NEED A BOTTLE OF HER TEARS BUT IT’s $12,000!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The campaign, which has since been removed, compelled eight people to raise a total of $1,240 in eight hours (one person donated $1,000). Now batting cleanup, Cyrus’ team says it will reimburse the people who donated and offer them backstage passes to one of her shows.


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