There’s only so much a person can take.

Rapper Nicki Minaj has deleted her Twitter account after getting into a fight with a fan website she claimed leaked music from her new album.

Minaj, who is known for her eclectic style, insane live performances, and hits like “Super Bass,” shut down her account, which boasts 11 million followers, sometime Sunday after she blocked NickiDaily.com’s Twitter account, reported MTV News. That Twitter account has since been suspended.

The kerfuffle seems to have begun when Minaj accused NickiDaily of leaking music from her new album and reads a bit like a bad breakup with friends rallying to support NickiDaily.

hausofrobert tweeted, “@NICKIMINAJ I suggest you unblock @NickiDaily they work their asses off for you.”

At first it seemed that @NickiDaily would soldier on, tweeting Sunday, “It’s her Twitter, and if she doesn’t want to see my tweets then that’s fine with me,” according to Topsy. “She’ll find it on her own if she forgives me.”

But Minaj escalated things even further tweeting, “Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f–king bye.”

The fan site followed suit and “stripped of all of its content with only the word ‘closed’ posted,” reported MTV.

As of Monday morning, NickiDaily.com now redirects to nicki-minaj.org where users can listen to music from her album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

Minaj’s disappearance spread around Twitter where people were largely unfazed by the missing singer.

“Nicki Minaj deleted her Twitter and Tupac’s back in holographic form,” tweeted @Miekaaaa. “Today was a big step forward for the rebirth of hip hop.”

“Instead of her Twitter account, Nicki Minaj should have deleted her new album,” tweeted @brokencool.

Minaj has 30 days to reactivate her account before it is permanently deleted.


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