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It’s time to binge.

Amazon Prime is wielding out some huge hits this month, as well as recent blockbusters. Its plate of streaming content is downright sexy. Just make sure to stretch those legs once every hour.

New on Amazon Prime in April 2017: Editor’s Picks

There Will Be Blood

“I drink your milkshake” has become a goofy meme, but that doesn’t lessen the relentless pacing and bubbling dread of There Will Be Blood. Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2007 exploration of single-minded oilman Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis), who becomes entangled with single-minded young preacher Eli (Paul Dano), is epic in scope and lets its wide shots breathe. Once their competing greed is ignited, the film cuts the brakes. Pair that with Jonny Greenwood’s prickly score and you’ve got a drama that unfolds more like a horror movie. —Audra Schroeder

new on amazon prime: there will be blood Screengrab via Netflix

Chaplin (1992)

Best known for his role as Dr. John Hammond in the Jurassic Park franchise, Richard Attenborough was also a notable director of biopics. His most famous film is probably the 1982 epic, Gandhi (for which he won a Best Director Oscar), but film nerds may also be interested in checking out 1992’s Chaplin. Although Attenborough’s portrait is hagiographic in a way his real life subject didn’t deserve, the movie is still an interesting watch for anyone who’s ever been curious about the titular silent film star.

Above all else, though, the main reason to check out Chaplin is Robert Downey Jr. in the lead role. For anyone who’s become unable to see Downey as anything other than Iron Man, Chaplin is a reminder of the considerable range possessed by this unique performer. Like the man he’s playing in Chaplin, Downey is a one-of-a-kind talent, and Attenborough’s film, which he received an Oscar nomination for, is an early indication of the superstar Downey was waiting to become. —Chris Ostendorf

Best movies on Netflix and new on hulu and Amazon Prime: Chaplin Screengrab via Axaygiri Goswami/YouTube (Fair Use)

New TV shows on Amazon Prime in April 2017

April 4

Tumble Leaf (Amazon Original)

April 7

American Playboy, season 1 (Amazon Original)

April 14

Fortitude, season 2

April 21

Bosch, season 3 (Amazon Original)
Thirteen, season 1
Thunderbirds Are Go!, season 3 (Amazon Original)

April 28

Catastrophe, season 3 (Amazon Original)

April 30

Animal Kingdom, season 1

New on Amazon Prime: Catastrophe Photo via Amazon


New movies on Amazon Prime in April 2017

April 1

Almost Famous
Chaplin (1992)
Days of Thunder

New on Amazon Prime: Eddie Murphy Raw Photo via Sky

Eddie Murphy Raw
Ella Enchanted

Kiss the Girls
Mulholland Falls

Robocop 2
Saturday Night Fever
Searching for Bobby Fischer
The Ghost and the Darkness
There Will Be Blood

New on Hulu and Amazon Prime: Tommy Boy Photo via IMDb

Tommy Boy
What If

April 2

Hello, My Name Is Doris

April 4

The Last Exorcism
Precious Cargo

April 8

Barbershop: The Next Cut

April 9

In a World
The Perfect Match

April 13

The Handmaiden (Amazon Original)

April 14

The Love Witch

April 21

American Pastoral

April 27

American Honey

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