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For Amazon Prime subscribers, October is an opportunity to finally binge The Americans. You know, that show that your obnoxious friend won’t stop telling you is the best on TV. Across five seasons and since 2013, the Cold War drama brings you brisk action and delectable depth. Amazon will also debut four original series and two original films. And in addition to seasonal horror, pensive and moving alien films like Amy Adams’ Arrival.

New on Amazon Prime in October 2017: Editor’s pick

One Mississippi

In the long list TV shows based on the lives of comedians, there’s none quite like One Mississippi. Co-creator Tig Notaro’s Amazon series isn’t necessarily a comedy. Sure, the show from Notaro and Oscar-winner Diablo Cody (JunoYoung Adult) is 30 minutes in length, so it qualifies as a comedy in traditional TV definitions. But in terms of tone, One Mississippi errs closer to the likes of Transparent, another Amazon “comedy” which regularly doles out heartbreak, despite coming in a neat half-hour package. Like her standup, One Mississippi is hilarious, bittersweet, and aloof, often all at once. —Chris Osterndorf

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New movies on Amazon Prime: October 2017

Oct. 1

Abandoned Mine
Apartment 1303
Bunker of the Dead

What's new on Hulu: Clueless Photo via IMDb
Escape from L.A.
Ghost World
Ghoulies II
I Believe in Unicorns
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Jug Face
Margot at the Wedding
Pet Sematary
Pet Sematary Two
Queens and Cowboys
Snake Eyes
Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
The Machinist
The Whistleblower

Oct. 2

Song to Song

Oct. 4

Blood Hunters
Save My Seoul

Oct. 7

Blair Witch
Megan Leavey

Oct. 11


Oct. 13

whats new on amazon october Screengrab via Amazon Studios/YouTube

City of Ghosts (Amazon Original)

Oct. 14

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Oct. 15

The Other Dream Team
The Whole Truth

Oct. 18

Fight for Space

Oct. 20

The Wall (Amazon Original)

Oct. 25

Awaken the Shadowman
The Liberators

Oct. 28


Oct. 29



New TV shows on Amazon Prime: October 2017

Oct. 2

Beauty and the Baker

Oct. 3

American Horror Story: Season 6

Oct. 5

The Americans: Season 5

Oct. 6

The Fashion Hero

Oct. 9

whats new on amazon in october Screengrab via Amazon Prime Video India

Inside Edge (Amazon Original)

Oct. 13

Lore (Amazon Original)
Sigmund and the Sea Monster (Amazon Original)

Oct. 20

whats new on amazon october Screengrab via Amazon Video

Red Oaks (Amazon Original)


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