New Netflix feature broadcasts what you’re watching via Instagram



Netflix shows have been dominating social media the last few months. Its massively popular offerings provide common topics for internet denizens to come together and bond over. First, it was the highly dangerous Bird Box challenge, then Kondo’ing became a thing, and a hotly debated one at that. Now a new Netflix feature bridges the gap even further, allowing users to broadcast their binge-watching habits directly onto their newsfeeds, the Verge reports.

Say you’re getting lost in the drama of the romance-turned-horror series Youand you want your followers to know you aren’t missing out on the internet’s latest obsession. A new “share” button on the Netflix app posts the show’s (or movie’s) artwork to your Instagram Story. When other Netflix users see it, a link to “watch on Netflix” connects them to the app, most likely so they can burn through whole series in a weekend.

Netflix gets the free advertising, and Instagram gets a new feature from a media giant. It’s a win-win. The feature launched on iOS Tuesday with a future plan for an Android release.

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H/T the Verge

Alyse Stanley

Alyse Stanley

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