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Neckbeard Deathcamp is the black metal band slamming the alt-right

Meet the band that describes its album as ‘fedora crushing militant black metal.’


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Chicago-based band Neckbeard Deathcamp’s describes its debut album, White Nationalism Is for Basement Dwelling Losers, as the “fedora crushing militant black metal” soundtrack of the anti-fascist movement. And that’s an apt description.

I’m kind of hoping that we end up on InfoWars,” lead vocalist Kriegmaster Hatestorm tells the Daily Dot. “Which would be fucking hysterical because I’m sure we’re Alex Jones’ worst nightmare.”

According to the group’s Bandcamp profile, the album is dedicated to Richard Spencer, Jeff Schoep, David Duke, and the National Socialist Movement. The album—and the band behind it—isn’t shy about its goal of satirizing white nationalist metal bands and the white nationalists at the forefront of the larger movement.

Tracks like “The Left Are the Real Fascists” and “The Fetishization ov Asian Women Despite a Demand for a Pure White Race (Outro)” are chock-full of gruesome imagery and loaded parody. “This nation has a problem with greasy boys in cargo shorts who feel owed a woman,” Hatestorm serenades the listener on one track. “Richard Spencer beaten to death, drowned in piss, body burned … compulsory Antifa training, compulsory homosexuality,” he says on another.

Since the release of White Nationalism Is for Basement Dwelling Losers on July 21, it has soared to the top of Bandcamp’s best-selling chart, grabbing upward of 200,000 listens. The Chicago Reader reports that with help from strategic sharing in various subreddits, Neckbeard Deathcamp gained so much attention that it’s set to perform at a couple of upcoming music festivals (although officials announcements have not been made yet).

The group itself was born through a Facebook status update from Hatestorm, who announced that he was starting a new black metal band to offset his frustrations with the abundance of white nationalist in the metal genre. After Hatestorm recruited Superkommando Uberwinersnitchel on guitar and bass and Hailz Komradez on drums, the album came together in just two weeks.

“We didn’t spend a lot of time, we didn’t do it super technical. Like fuck it, here’s all this shit, you know? It’s done,” says Hatestorm. “Then it went to drums which took a little longer and then I did vocals for the whole thing … We just posted the Bandcamp as a joke to get it out to friends to laugh you know like, ‘Haha here it is.’”

But as soon as the album dropped, it launched a wave of hype from metal fans.

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“I mean all of us are sort of quite pleased by the response,” Hatestorm said. “Now these freaking dicks know how much we hate them. I sort of can’t overstate it enough how much absolute disdain these people deserve … More than a joke black metal album, fuck these people. And so if we have this thing that’s now become such a symbol for us then that’s great, you know. It’s done more than we wanted it to, by a long shot.” 

From here, Neckbeard Deathcamp plans to ride the momentum and continue its troll job with a second album that Hatestorm says will be “even more hateful.”

“We’re just gonna ratchet it up and keep going,” he says. “As long as people keep buying the stuff and people keep writing we’re just gonna go with it until it’s not funny anymore. Really just try to start as much shit as we can along the way. If I could convince our piece of shit fucking president to tweet at us, I would laugh myself into a coma I’m sure.”

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