Moving the Still: The 8 GIFs selected for new art exhibit

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Michael Stipe, James Frey, and other judges selected these animations for Moving the Still’s exhibit at Art Basel Miami Beach.

After collecting more than 3,500 submissions for the first large-scale GIF art exhibit, the curators of Moving the Still have selected eight original works to be featured at Art Basel Miami Beach.

The exhibition was the brainchild of Paddle8, an online auction house, which strove to further legitimize the growing GIF artist community.

“The GIF also presents the unique opportunity to work with both established artists and creators in conjunction with bloggers and other avid Internet users—it is truly one of the most democratic artistic mediums, and one that we wanted to shine the spotlight on,” Paddle8 editor Collin Munn told the Daily Dot in October

The winning GIFs were selected by a panel of artists chosen by Paddle8. One of the winning animations was “camouflage,” an animation featuring a 2-D man walking in a linear world.

“I went into it thinking that I wanted to make a silhouette using parallel lines that blended in closely with the background. I thought I’d see if I could make something that was sort of like an optical illusion and would cause headaches,” artist Zach, who declined to give his last name, told the Daily Dot in January. “After about an hour and some deep soul-searching, I finally realized that I had I completely failed.”

In the end, Zach ultimately succeeded. And in a big way.

Other winners of Moving the Still:

1) Ira Chernova, “b\w 1.” Selected by Inez & Vinoodh

2) Veinventvou, “camouflage.” Selected by James Frey

3) Vlad Lunin, “Skater.” Selected by Michael Stipe

4) Hector Llanquín, “Smeltley.gif.” Selected by Nicola Formichetti

5) Monica Dimperio + Lisa Frame, “Oh, hi, O.” Selected by Ryan Trecartin

6) Erdal Inci, “Self in galata.” Selected by RoseLee Goldberg

7) Mars Dolschon, “Prtcl_Sphere_03.” Selected by Richard Phillips

8) Connor Crawford, “Voice Of Cyber-Space 1.” Selected by Rodarte

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