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A reporter gets an unexpected dose of detective.

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It’s a fangirl’s dream, and one reporter’s nightmare. You do not get up in Sherlock Holmes’s face and get away with it.

In the popular BBC series Sherlock, a reimagined, 21st-century version of the famous detective tale, one Kitty Riley, uppity girl reporter, did indeed affront Holmes, who icily informed her, “You repel me.”

And then, in this charming deleted scene, he surprised her at home. The GIF version was created by the delightfully-named Ella-Louise Ocean Vaughn Hubber at Beg For Mercy Twice, where it has gotten 6,327 notes since its posting on Jan. 17. The captions are the best part.

Imagine coming home, flicking on the light, and finding Holmes and Watson sitting demurely on your sofa.

If you need a moment of alone time, we’ll be here when you get back.

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