The Morning GIF: Satellite ride

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It’s the holidays—a time of shared experiences, of heightened emotions—and in this particular holiday season, it’s time to join the entire world in worrying yourself into a cold sweat over North Korea’s brand new, unstable, and possibly nuclear-warhead-armed orbiting satellite.

Tuesday’s launch was passed off by North Korean officials as a simple test of nonweaponized weather satellite technology. The non-North Korean world wasn’t buying it. While the military dictatorship was successful at getting whatever it is into orbit, they were reportedly less successful at controlling it once it got up there. According to Gizmodo, “It is now ‘tumbling out of control.’ This is bad news, and more bad news, covered in a double layer of extra bad news.” Not only might it come down unpredictably, but it could just as easily crash into another satellite or piece of space junk, sending both careening back to Earth.

To commemorate this historic occasion, the elves at Gizmodo have whipped up this commemorative GIF, picturing Kim Jong-un, idolized Fearless Leader of the Hermit Kingdom, as a sky-mastering super satellite, seeing all and floating peacefully in random, Pong-like orbit forever.

Sail on, silver bird.

GIF via Gizmodo

Lorraine Murphy

Lorraine Murphy

Lorraine Murphy is an Ottawa-based cybersecurity journalist and founding editor of the Cryptosphere. She has a keen interest in WikiLeaks and web culture, and her bylines have appeared in Salon, Vanity Fair, Serious Eats, and elsewhere.