John Cusack shows Peter Gabriel how it’s done.

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Lloyd Dobler lives!

It was an iconic moment for Generation X on Saturday, Oct. 6, at the Hollywood Bowl when John Cusack met Peter Gabriel. Reprising his role as romantic loser-hero Lloyd Dobler from 1989’s classic romcom Say Anything, Cusack took to the stage as Gabriel was just beginning his song “In Your Eyes,” and presented him with a boom box and a deep bow. In the movie, of course, Dobler wins back his true love by standing outside her window serenading her with the help of a boom box and that particular Peter Gabriel hit.

Well, who wouldn’t fall for that?

The audience was, predictably, delighted. We’re just glad Cusack didn’t pull this at a Clash concert, seeing as his Grosse Pointe Blank character, the assassin Martin Blank, is somewhat less genial than the lovable Dobler.

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