Fashion Shoot

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week starts in New York today, and these two could not be less thrilled.


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Oh, snap. Welcome to the bitchy, blasé life of a fashion photographer.

You go to the fashion show (just another day at work) sit in an unspeakably fabulous seat any competent social climber would kill for, and wait for something, anything interesting to sashay toward you. When it does, you raise your camera and strike, and then you go right back to being as bored as you possibly could be with all these parading teenagers and scrabbling trophy wives. Blather, rinse, repeat.

There are compensations, and this is one of them: being the center of attention of one of the most crazy/popular GIFs that Tumblr has ever seen. It’s snapped up 115,418 notes, and anyone can see why. Technically a Cinemagram, a GIF in which the majority of the frame remains static while only portions move, it perfectly captures the ineffable ennui of the jaded fashion world and the beautiful spectacle for those with fresher eyes. A meta-comment on the world of photography and voyeurism itself, it was posted on New Year’s Eve 2011. Let’s hope the creator started 2012 with a fresher perspective than these two.


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