Ellen on the Titanic

The talk show host showed up just a few seconds late to Leonardo DiCaprio’s painting session with Kate Winslet. 

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Ever since she busted out of the closet, Ellen DeGeneres has been ubiquitous. She’s on TV and radio, in the movies, and in the tabloids.

And now, she’s in Titanic.

She’s also, apparently, in shock.

In this GIF, taken from a skit on her show, she plays an artist aboard the doomed vessel, rushing to join a painting session with her pal Leonardo DiCaprio and model Kate Winslet. Arriving breathless and a little late (thanks to the magic of digital effects), she’s just in time for the momentous de-négligée-ing.

It’s not easy to upstage DiCaprio, but she did it. We’re not sure what happens after that, but we’re pretty sure your imagination can paint a clear picture.

Posted as part of a set to the JamesFrancoco Tumblr, it’s garnered 46, 587 notes in three days.

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