Adidas Trefoil

Athletic company wins with social media art initiative.

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We’re not normally all about the marketing initiatives here, but this is too good to pass up.

Adidas is a fierce competitor in the brutal world of athletic apparel, and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, they will not do to win in their category, even if it means empowering and globally promoting previously unknown artists.


The White Space Project is so named because it’s up to you to fill in the space, with any variation or artistic expression of the Adidas logo that you desire. Then you send in a picture or video and voilà! Adidas makes you internationally famous (or at least Tumblr famous) by posting your work on its Adidas Originals Tumblr.

Adidas has gone ahead and set a high bar, commissioning several artists to show off their best work and challenging the world to beat them. Star efforts so far have included a large-scale embroidery, a manicure, and this trippy GIF by Davidope. Adidas included some of his other trippy black and white work, much to the appreciation of Tumblr, which has rewarded the company with 1,714 notes. These gloriously sensual GIFs are powerfully three-dimensional and, in large scale, seem as solid as the dome of St. Paul’s. On his own Tumblr the artist noted, “One of the first logo/emblem imprinted in my brain was the trefoil logo of adidas. now I was commissioned to play with it. good times.”


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