Montell Jordan slow jams MSN headlines


These are hard times for ’90s R&B singers. 

Apparently, this is how you do it. A new Facebook app created by Microsoft has ‘90s crooner Montell Jordan singing actual MSN headlines. That Headline Is My Jam features “the silky sounds of Montell Jordan,” who tackles everything from “Let Science Tell You How To Dodge a Killer Hangover” to “Let It Rip With These Deodorizer Fart Pads.”

I find it particularly hard to believe that MSN didn’t write a few of these singable headlines just for Jordan, whose classic R&B vocals particularly shine on “Hallelujah, Drinking Caffeine May Cut Your Cancer Risk” and “Step Right Up And Get Yer Nastiest Beaches In the US Right Here.

Make sure you send yourself (and your completely unaware friends!) some of these headlines, because then you’ll all get to hear Jordan sing “This is Montell Jordan” to the tune of his #1 hit “This Is How We Do It.”

These are hard times for former R&B heartthrobs. Earlier this year, contemporary Brian McKnight recorded two XXX-rated slow jams for YouPorn.

According to the app, Montell’s “just getting started” with his journalism career, so I’m hoping he might cover some of my personal favorite MSN headlines: “Montell Jordan dismisses death hoax” and “Montell Jordan quits music to become a pastor.

Photo via Facebook

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