McKayla Maroney is not impressed, but she is a meme

If you’re looking for validation from McKayla Maroney, you’re not going to get it, as the American gymnast is continually unimpressed with everything.

On McKayla is Not Impressed, a disappointed Maroney proves that nothing can impress her. The single-serving Tumblr contains 24 posts since it started Tuesday.

Her face of distraction is from last Sunday’s competition on the vault, where she was heavily favored. After acing her first jump, she failed to stick the landing on her second attempt, which cost her the gold medal. She ended up winning a silver medal, but that didn’t arouse Maroney, who thought she was a lock for the gold.

What does Maroney find unimpressive? A lot of things! The Mars landing event doesn’t do much for her, the capture of Osama bin Laden riles up her best “meh” reaction, and she’s finds Kanye West’s mischievous act of stealing the microphone from Taylor Swift rather childish.

And judging by her reaction, we already know how she feels about this article.

Photos via McKayla Is Not Impressed

Jordan Valinsky

Jordan Valinsky

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