Matthew McConaughey on a broken tv

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Just keep living.

Matthew McConaughey has a YouTube channel, and nobody watches it.

This bizarre revelation became front-page Reddit news on Thursday—likely because the Oscar-winning actor’s transmissions are scattered, apparently promotional, and candidly charming. How someone that famous, with a verified account, goes so under the radar remains unclear.

“Just keep living,” McConaughey says as a wry, stone-faced sendoff for most of these. The uploads are shot with what is almost surely a vertical smartphone and, until Reddit blew up their spot, reportedly boasted less than 1,000 views apiece. 

Four of the six clips are short, holiday-season plugs for water nonprofit I Am Waters, which counts McConaughey as a celeb supporter and an apparent donor. According to its Facebook page, I Am Waters will deliver more than 340,000 bottles of water to homeless people in the Houston area this year.

The other two are trailers for a pair of animated films the Dazed and Confused actor is appearing in this year (Kubo and the Two Strings, Sing). They both look pretty good.

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