“Rolling in the Deep” has more than 3,400 mashups on YouTube. This one might be the best. 

Start your week right with the Daily Dot’s Monday Mashup, the best music remix from around the Web. Turn up your speakers or pop on your headphones, and bring the funk.

If mashups have a patron saint, then pop robot, tabloid princess, and Greek-tragedy-in-progress Britney Spears has to be the smart choice for true believers. The X Factor judge’s infectious, peppy tunes are just bland enough to be universally acceptable while still lively enough to inspire people to hit the dance floor.

British belter Adele is a whole ‘nother manifestation entirely. With a smoky, mature voice and projecting power of Ethel Mermanesque proportions, her sound is simultaneously of the moment and timeless. Her huge hit “Rolling in the Deep” has more than 3,400 mashups on YouTube.

And yes, here’s another—taken from Mash Fatal, a two-CD set of mashups by a variety of DJs.

“Rolling Till the World Ends,” also known as “Adeleney,” is Jarod Ripley’s tribute to the two greatest pop divas of our time. (Lady Gaga, please don’t set your monsters on me.) Putting the energetic backbeat of Spears’s “Till the World Ends” behind Adele’s slightly sped-up vocals from “Rolling in the Deep,” it’s one of those improbable mixtures that simply works. Britney reportedly likes it, and Ryan Seacrest has blogged it, making this one of the most celebrity-approved mashups yet.

Photo via benzbpics63/Flickr

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