Sign language interpreter’s expressions take off on Tumblr

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As New Yorkers begin rebuilding after one of the worst storms in the past century, citizens are looking for a leader to guide them out from the murky water.

That person is Lydia Calas, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s official sign language interpreter, who has become the latest meme and subject of two new Tumblr blogs.

Over the last three days, Calas has joined Bloomberg on stage during press conferences to sign his updates on Hurricane Sandy. And yet while Bloomberg remained fairly emotionless during the conferences, Calas was right there beside him, making expressive motions .

Calas’ best expressions have been captured in two Tumblr blogs, Lydia Calas: NYC’s Finest ASL Interpreter and Lydia Calas’s Face for NYC Mayor.

Here are five of the best images, tweets, videos, and GIFs of Calas posted so far.

1) 263 notes

2) 1 note

3) 2 notes

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5) 3 notes

All photos, GIFs, and video via Lydia Calas: NYC’s Finest ASL Interpreter

Fernando Alfonso III

Fernando Alfonso III

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