Everyone’s roasting Ludacris for his fake abs—even Luda himself

Screengrab via WORLDSTARHIPHOP/YouTube


If you’ve ever looked at the abs on Grand Theft Auto characters and felt envious, you aren’t alone. Ludacris apparently does, too.

In his new music video for “Vitamin D,” Ludacris rocks some obviously digitally altered abs as he strolls through a line of sexy nurses. The abs are pretty bad, so naturally Twitter lit up.

The CGI abs are only present in the first part of the video during the beginning of the song. At the end, Ludacris seems to wake up from a dream and the Batsuit abs are nowhere to be found. Those sexy nurses seem to be operating on him, and were never interested in him romantically.

Waking up from the “dream” definitely puts the abs in context, since that CGI work didn’t even try to be realistic. (Who said dreams have to be realistic?) According to Ludacris himself, they were intentionally over-the-top and he’s ready to laugh at all the jokes.

Luda truly has it all: Fake abs and a sense of humor.

Audrey Browning

Audrey Browning

Audrey Browning is a content creator and social media manager. In August 2017, she joined Main Street Grub as a community manager.