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Louis C.K. wasn’t actually defending Tosh’s rape joke

“I was called a rape apologist because I said ‘hi’ to a guy,” the comedian told The Daily Show.


Jordan Valinsky


As a comedian, Louis C.K. knows that timing is everything, and he learned that again after a tweet to comedian Daniel Tosh was recently misinterpreted.

The Louie star clarified on Monday night’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart that his tweet directed at Tosh calling him funny had nothing to do with Tosh’s joke about rape, but rather about his Comedy Central show.

C.K., who was dubbed an “Internet pioneer” by Stewart for his unconventional approach to ticket sales, explained that he was on vacation and not reading the Internet, and thus didn’t know about Tosh’s controversial comments.

“I really hate the Internet, so I stopped reading it,” joked the FX star.

While watching Tosh’s show, C.K. tweeted saying he thought Tosh was funny (the tweet has been deleted) but the media and outraged fans interpreted that as supporting Tosh’s comments.

“I had no idea,” C.K laughed. “He got in trouble for making jokes about rape and I didn’t know about it so I am a defender of rape… I was called a rape apologist because I said ‘hi’ to a guy.”

The entire six-minute interview is worth a watch as he addresses what’s so terrible about bloggers, why comedians are “big pussies,” and why there is no payoff in Googling oneself.

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