Louis C.K., Chris Rock slammed for dropping N-word in cringeworthy 2011 clip


Louis C.K., Chris Rock, and Ricky Gervais all trended on Twitter last night, but not for the right reasons.

The whole conversation happens in a 2011 clip from an unscripted comedy talk show called Funny Talk. C.K., Rock, and Gervais, along with Jerry Seinfeld, appear to just be shooting the breeze when C.K. says, “When a black guy gets rich, it’s a countdown to when he’s poor again.”

“He’s the blackest white guy I fucking know,” Rock responds.

“You’re saying I’m a [N-word]?” C.K. says.

“Yes, you are the [N-word]-est fucking white man I have ever met,” Rock adds.

Gervais looks amused, later using the word himself, while Seinfeld looks uncomfortable. 

“I wouldn’t use it anywhere,” Seinfeld quips.

Seinfeld didn’t participate in the racial slur toss at all, something any on Twitter praised him for.


Others pointed out that Seinfeld has his own skeletons.

While the other three have been totally roasted.

Rock and C.K. have been friends for decades; Rock starred in C.K.’s comedy Pootie Tang and appeared on his FX show Louie. Seinfeld and Gervais made appearances on the show, as well.

The resurfaced tape is a second hit for C.K.’s career, which already experienced rocky waters after he admitted to sexually assaulting multiple women in 2017. 

C.K. has been attempting a comeback in recent months, showing up at New York City comedy clubs. While many club owners are eager to welcome him back, he’s been met with protests surrounding his sets. Celebrities and fellow comedians have criticized his attempts, calling him out for his lack of self-awareness and the need to give female comics the chance to perform.


Elizabeth VanMetre

Elizabeth VanMetre

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