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Do Marines have balls? You bet. The Marine Corps Ball has become the hottest ticket in Hollywood, thanks to YouTube.


The Marine Corps Ball madness continues.

Since Sergeant Scott Moore asked actress Mila Kunis out on a date on YouTube, more Marines are inviting celebrities to the ball—and now some celebrities are asking Marines out.

The Internet won’t rest until every Marine has a celebrity date to the Marine Corps Ball!   

One of the latest to request a date with a celebrity is PFC Hart, who started his video by saying, “An amazing tradition has begun: Marines asking celebrities to the Marine Corps Ball.”

Hart wants to take Miley Cyrus because she is a “proud American”, and keeps his video short. No word yet on whether Cyrus will accept. (Indeed, this may be the first she’s heard of the request.)

Another Marine has asked MSNBC cable-TV host Rachel Maddow to the ball, saying he thinks she’s “the coolest chick to hang out with,” closing his video with “please say yes.”

PFC Tyler Burdette, 19, has propositioned Jennifer Aniston. Someone has asked out country singer Taylor Swift, as well as pop star Rihanna.  A male Marine who goes by “dragon” has invited “the most amazing bad-ass celebrity in the world” (Will Ferrell).

That should be pretty:

Even YouTube celebrities are getting asked by Marines, such as Jenna Mourey, better known as Jenna Marbles, famed for such videos as “What boys do on the Internet.”

Sadly, Betty White turned down Sgt. Ray Lewis’s request from last week due to scheduling conflicts, but Linda Hamilton—the original “Terminator” chick—has jumped at the opening, and uploaded a video on YouTube pleading for Lewis to take her instead.

Hamilton thinks she has a good chance, saying in her video she heard a rumor Lewis likes his women “vintage.” Lewis replied, using the same YouTube account with which he posted his original invitation to White, and called Hamilton “amazing.”

If Hamilton’s request is accepted, it could open the door for other celebrities to take the initiative. Why wait to get asked out to this year’s hottest gala?

Radio personalities are already making it easy on the Marines. Brooke Ryan and Aly Jacobs from Washington DC’s Mix 107.3 uploaded a Marine Corps Ball invite video today saying “rather than put the pressure and stress on you, we would like to take the time to say ‘Yes’,” we will be your dates to the ball.”

Andrew, from Zed Mornings, will take an invite from a guy or girl, doesn’t matter, he just wants to go to the ball. (Not being asked is giving him prom flashbacks.)

92.9 Dave FM’s Jimmy Baron wants to be taken to the Marine Corps Ball by a “fine, sturdy young lady.” Jimmy’s first Lady Marine request was filmed bare-chested.

As skeevy as that is, the Daily Dot wishes him, and all potential Marine dates, good luck. Semper fi and all that.

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