John Stewart and Stephen Colbert voting song

Screengrab via Late Night with Stephen Colbert

Rise up, America.

With Election Day upon us, people are emphasizing the importance of voting more than ever, and sometimes it might just take a musical number or two to reach that point.

Stephen Colbert goes through a wealth of emotions on The Late Show as he grappled with telling his audience to vote on Nov. 8. First he’s convinced, then Jon Stewart returns to late-night and convinces him it doesn’t matter before realizing just who is running. (Yes, there’s another spit-take.) Voter apathy sets in, but Hamilton’s Javier Muñoz is on hand to remind them all of what’s at stake this year and of a time when not everyone could vote.

And on The Tonight Show, Daveed Diggs (the original Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton) and the Roots spit some bars about the realities of voting and the real-life voter suppression that’s occurred in earlier years.

Don’t throw away your shot, America.

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