gaga fffuuu

Because there weren’t enough sites dedicated to the Fame Monster on the rest of the Internet.

Intolerable singing meat-dress-wearer Lady Gaga’s new social network is open for business to everyone, and it’s exactly what you would expect it to be.

Called “Little Monsters,” a nod to Gaga’s name for her fans, the site is part Pinterest, part AOL chatrooms from yesteryear, and 100 percent dedicated to everything about the constantly morphing singer. The site has been in private beta since February but swung open its glittery gates late Monday.

Screaming fans eager to pin the hell out of Lady Gaga memes can sign up using their Facebook or Twitter login information, which will then create a profile. The “Little Monsters” homepage looks like Pinterest if it were kidnapped by Lady Gaga fans, auto-tuned, dressed in some gaudy outfits meant to “shock” and create “buzz,” and released into the wild. It’s a mix of fan pictures, random YouTube clips and, terrifying memes that even 4chan members would be scared of.

On the right side of the site are the chatrooms, where fans can convulse with Gagagasms together simultaneously. The room categories are split up , but the most popular room is “Gay Monsters,” for fans who were born that way.

Then there are those Digg-like message boards under the Discuss tab. Judging by the range of topics and lack of moderation—because you couldn’t pay someone all the money in the world to do that job—nothing of value is discussed in here. But, someone did gleefully announce they were starting a Tumblr dedicated to Lady Gaga’s fashion (because we need another one of those).

There are other tabs like “News” (which is a lofty term to label links to GIFs of the singer), and “Monsters,” where you can follow other Lady Gaga fans if you’re so inclined. Lady Gaga is the “Tom from Myspace” of Little Monsters, as everyone who joins up is automatically forced to follow the singer. As of Tuesday morning, she has 94,000 followers—the same number of tears I spewed when poking around the site.

So if you have any desire to see Lady Gaga perform live, just spend five minutes in here and that sensation will be gone.

Photo via Little Monsters

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