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Why has Kylie Jenner gone silent on social media?

Reports say she’s afraid to share pregnant selfies.


Tess Cagle


Kylie Jenner might not be ready to share any pregnant selfies anytime soon, a report from Hollywood Life said.

The news follows reports from TMZ that Jenner is pregnant, rapper Travis Scott is the father, and they have spent the past few months telling their inner circle. Jenner still hasn’t confirmed the news yet publically.

Fans have grown suspicious of Jenner’s silence online, since she hasn’t shared any personal posts on Instagram since Sept. 24. She also hasn’t shared a non-fashion-related tweet since Sept. 17.

Instead, the young entrepreneur has been sharing ad after ad for her cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics, and other business ventures.

Hollywood Life reported that a source “close to Kylie” said Jenner feels uneasy about how her fans may react to photos of her pregnant.

“Kylie is enjoying her private moments away from the spotlight and her break from social media,” the source said. “It has been a struggle for her because with a baby on the way, she has never been happier, however she is a little insecure with her new body as it is now changing constantly. She has been glowing since she became pregnant, but it is hard for her because she is uncertain as to how her fans will react to pregnant selfies.”

Jenner has also been busy with the release with her newest ad campaigns, #QUAYXKYLIE, so it’s entirely possible that Jenner has just been too hard at work to post her usual selfies.

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