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Then, Chrissy Teigen weighed in.

Kumail Nanjiani has a great idea for how to spend 120 minutes of your Christmas day: Watch his critically acclaimed movie The Big Sick on whatever streaming service you use.

But four hours after his initial tweet on Saturday, Nanjiani had a startling revelation. There’s another place you can watch his film. And maybe it wouldn’t be so family friendly.

Um, OK. Let’s do a quick investigation to see on Pornhub if that’s true.

The Big Sick Pornhub Pornhub ()()

No, Pornhub. I was NOT looking for “big dick.”

Let’s take Nanjiani’s suggestion and look under “interracial” porn.

OK, after an exhaustive search, I didn’t see The Big Sick there either. Is the film even on Pornhub or is Nanjiani just getting off on sending us on a wild porn chase?

It’s unclear, but others took up the search as well.

Apparently, other classics ARE available on the porn site, though.

Luckily, Chrissy Teigen also took the time to weigh in with her thoughts.

The search continues.

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