“K-Town,” the “Korean-American Jersey Shore,” comes to YouTube

Snooki and the gang have nothing on Koreatown.

“K-Town,” often called the “Korean-American Jersey Shore,” has been in the works since 2010, but after years of talk, the reality show has finally premiered on YouTube.

Brought to you by the creators of Jersey Shore, Mob Wives and The Hills—and dubbed “the reality show no TV network could show you”—“K-Town” gives you a close look at the lives and antics of eight (mostly) Korean Americans in Koreatown, Los Angeles in weekly 10-minute episodes. The show premiered on July 11 and already has over 115,000 views.

The first episode introduces you to Koreatown and its colorful cast, and sets the audience up for a season of partying and drama. Each cast member has a nickname indicating the role they’ll play—for example, there’s Jasmine “The Jokester,” Young “The Entertainer,” Violet “The Drama Queen,” Cammy “The Sweetheart,” and Jowe “The Heartbreaker”—but unlike their East Coast counterparts, it doesn’t appear that the names own them yet.

Many of the cast members also upload video blogs, where they tell stories, answer questions like “Does K-Town have their own list of unique terms?” and teach fans how to make the “Seoul Train Soju Bomb.”

“K-Town” is part of LOUD, a YouTube entertainment channel that also hosts K-LOL, Watsky’s Making An Album, Jerk Allstars and Kevin & Ralph, which launches later this month.

“K-Town” airs on Wednesdays, and the cast posts video blogs on Saturdays.

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Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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