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Kristen Stewart defies Cannes dress code, walks red carpet barefoot

She took a stand.


Christine Friar


Kristen Stewart defied the Cannes Film Festival dress code by taking off her shoes and completing her red carpet walk barefoot Monday evening, and the internet is loving it.

Stewart is serving as a member of the jury at this year’s festival, and has spoken out against its strict wardrobe requirements in the past. In order to walk the red carpet, Cannes requires that female attendees be wearing a dress and high heels—no flat footwear is permitted. It’s a strictly enforced fashion rule that officials have reportedly turned people away for breaking on more than one occasion in previous years.

In a 2017 interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Stewart said she felt the requirement was outdated. “I feel like you can’t ask people that anymore—it’s a given,” she said. “If you’re not asking guys to wear heels and a dress, you cannot ask me either.”

So when she hit the red carpet for the premiere of Spike Lee and Jordan Peele’s film BlacKkKlansman in a pair of black Louboutin heels Monday evening, only to be greeted by rainy weather and a soggy red carpet, the actor happily slid off her shoes and made the trek into the theater barefoot.

It’s a clever strategy for defying the dress code: The festival can’t really knock Stewart for taking her shoes off, since walking in heels that are sinking into a damp carpet is obviously more challenging than walking on a dry surface—and Stewart gets to turn her nose up at a rule the festival is probably already well-aware she thinks is stupid anyway.

Fans on Twitter were all-for the shoeless moment, and Stewart’s name trended in the U.S.:

Maybe next year’s dress code will be different.

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