YouTube star Keenan Cahill is working on an album


Cahill is famous for his lipdubs, but he’s making the leap to singing with the help of some famous friends.

For a man who built his career on singing, it’s a bit surprising that YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill is finally releasing his own album.

The 17-year-old singer, who gained notoriety for producing lip-dubbed music videos from the comfort of his bedroom, revealed in an interview with Fuse that he is working on an album. Cahill told the music network that the yet-unnamed album will help him transition out of lip-syncing videos to full-fledged singing.

“I wanted to be a singer and I knew it would happen one day, I just didn’t know when or how,” said Cahill. “Artists are willing to [work with me] since they know who I am and they wanna help out.”

Those statements echoed what Cahill told the Daily Dot in December: he knows the music videos won’t last forever.

“That’s why I’m hoping that the music does well,” said Cahill. “One of the hardest things is that transition. The haters are gonna hate, but if they’re true fans they’ll stick by it.”

But with the help of some famous singers, the transition for Cahill should not be too difficult. The Illinois native has starred in videos with singers Katy Perry and Jason Derulo and rapper 50 Cent, and is planning to sing with Gavin Degraw in a few weeks.

Last week, Cahill released a video with Glee star Cheyenne Jackson singing “Drive,” signaling the beginning of his singing career.

Watch the interview below and see who he views as his singing inspirations.

Photo via Fuse

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