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Keanu Reeves takes a most-excellent photo with wedding couple



Josh Katzowitz


Posted on Sep 3, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 7:24 am CDT

The older Keanu Reeves gets, the more the internet falls in love with him. And the latest news—coincidentally posted on Twitter the day of his 54th birthday—seems to underscore why.

According to KTVU, Jarrod Camara and Leslie Walker were set to get married in Santa Cruz, California, when one of their guests happened upon Reeves in the hotel bar.

Both apparently were big enough fans that they interrupted one of the most important moments of their lives to snap of a most-excellent photo with the star of John Wick. The snapshot turned out fantastic.

The story, it seems, was simple. Reeves, clad in his motorcycle gear, was hanging out at a hotel bar when one of Camara’s groomsmen spotted him. The groomsman told the couple, and as they were walking to the ceremony, they decided to take a quick detour to find Reeves.

“To have him there was just the icing on the cake so to speak,” Camara’s mother, Darlette, told ABC 7 News. “I was just like, ‘I can’t believe it’s Keanu Reeves, right there.’ He was just so sweet, the nicest person. We walked in, he was in his motorcycle gear having a drink and coffee or whatever and we interrupted him and he was so gracious.”

Unsurprisingly, the news made its way to the r/KeanuBeingAwesome subreddit, where more than 350 people weighed in with just how awesome Reeves was being. One apparent wedding attendee, a redditor named TracyTorque14, wrote, “My bf also got to shake his hand and thank him for all the hard work he puts into his movies. Needless to say these two will be married forever.”

Some internet observers wondered if Reeves had crashed the wedding, but a few other redditors who said they attended the nuptials said that wasn’t the case. One wrote, “It was more like we crashed his lunch with friends that was at the same venue, and he was a good enough sport to take a picture with the bride and groom. Keanu was super cool and seemed generally pumped about it. Our friends who got married minutes later were definitely pumped!”


Yep, everybody seemed super pumped in the photo. And on that day for that one moment, at least, Sad Keanu was nowhere to be found.

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*First Published: Sep 3, 2018, 9:17 am CDT