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Julian Corrie’s “Polybius” is a tribute to forgotten friends like the Commodore 64.

Anyone who grew up the ’90s probably has a collection of obsolete nostalgia gathering dust in a basement or storage unit, with only nostalgia standing between it and the trash bin. 

Well, Julian Corrie’s not letting those old hard drives, printers, Commodore 64s, and original Sony PlayStations go to waste. Using an electric guitar and a MIDI controller, he guides a veritable museum of forgotten hardware through his original song, “Polybius.” 


Credit for assembling this Rube Goldberg recording setup goes to filmmaker James Houston, who also filmed the music video inside an empty swimming pool.  

It’s enough to make you shed a chunky 8-bit tear for the now-retro desktop towers and pixelated side-scrollers that got you through high school.

H/T SoBadSoGood | Screengrab via Vimeo

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