Twitter is thirsting over set photos of Jude Law in ‘The New Pope’


Filming for HBO’s sequel to its dramatic mini-series, The Young Popeis underway, and Twitter already can’t get enough. Not of the show itself, but of the recently released on-set photos of leading actor Jude Law sporting an itsy-bitsy, teeny weeny swimsuit. The thirst is real, folks.

Users’ collective pining for the recently announced Fantastic Beasts star was so intense that it earned them a Twitter moment Tuesday. Those who weren’t immediately struck #dead by the images and could still manage to get a few words out had one message: It was a good morning, indeed.

Even at 46-years-old and with media outlets noticing his thinning hairline, Law had all of Twitter shouting Amen.

Whether or not the beach scenes responsible for Law’s viral photos will appear in The New Pope‘s premiere, HBO can count a lot of new (and probably horny) fans tuning in.


Alyse Stanley

Alyse Stanley

Alyse Stanley is a video game and culture reporter based in Virginia with words at Polygon and USGamer. When she’s not writing about memes, she edits Unwinnable’s monthly magazine. You can follow her on Twitter @pithyalyse.